Shooting with Fuji X-Pro1 at a photocall

Many photographers wonder how would it be to use a Fuji X series on a variety of comercial assignments. Well, last night I attended a photocall in Madrid with my Nikon D800 and decided to test my new second hand X-Pro1 with a XF 35/1.4 R {52mm equiv in 35mm) whenever I had extra seconds after shooting every celebrity with the D800. Using this Fuji requires calm and time, just beeing alert and it works, although it is not as using a Pro DSRL. But it could worked, just as photographers did with a Nikon FM2 {for example} 30 or 40 years ago.

Here I share with you some Fuji shots from the inside and after I finished, walking out of the Matadero Cineteca in Madrid.

Comments and sharing in RRSS are welcome if you feel like it 🙂

2014_dansanphoto_001__DSF3117 2014_dansanphoto_002__DSF31182014_dansanphoto_003__DSF3131 2014_dansanphoto_006__DSF31292014_dansanphoto_008__DSF31532014_dansanphoto_009__DSF31542014_dansanphoto_010__DSF3157

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