Shooting for El País Semanal | Almagro, Etura, Amaral, Francino

Amaral dansanphoto

Before the 2007 Euro Cup took place, I received a call from El País Semanal‘s photo editor, Jordi Socías, to shot portraits of eleven spanish celebrities to cheer up the spanish soccer team that soon after would win the Euro Cup Championship.

We did not have many days for this assignment. It had to be done within a week or slightly more. So we arrange shootings in Madrid and Barcelona, train tickets, hotels, a bunch of Adidas soccer balls and also big spanish flags.

El País Semanal filmed this four videos during the shooting for chef Jesús Almagro, actress Marta Etura, radio journalist Carles Francino and, last but not least, Eva Amaral, singer and musician of Amaral.


I also shot Chikilicuatre, a comedian character that end up in participating in the european song contest that year, Antonio Carmona, singer from the flamenco pop group Ketama, José Corbacho, comedian, actor and film director, Bibiana Aído, minister for equality at that time, Gervasio Deffer, gymnast, and Carlota Castrejana, triple jumper.

EPS dansanphoto Bibiana Aido dansanphoto Ketama Chikilicuatre dansanphoto Gervasio Deffer dansanphoto Jesús Almagro dansanphoto Corbacho Marta Etura dansanphoto

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