Legoland > Play with LEGO at Billund, Denmark

Reportage for the spanish edition of VOGUE Niños {Vogue Kids} by dansanphoto ©

Photos shot with Leica M9 + Summicron 35mm and iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic App

Legoland Vogue 1 LEGO dansanphoto Bilund Denmark Legoland Vogue 2 LEGO dansanphoto Bilund Denmark

18042011_Leica_003_L1015095_ 18042011_Leica_010_L1015113_ 18042011_Leica_049_L1015274_ 19042011_Leica_054_L1015301_ 20042011_Leica_144_L1015714_ Lego_surtido_2011_IMG_5020 Lego_surtido_2011_IMG_5033 Lego_surtido_2011_IMG_5056

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