dansanphoto moves to WordPress!

After a few years with a blog I did not update very often in blogger, I now move to WordPress with new ideas and sections that I hope you find interesting.

I will post my personal work in «Crossing places» (Lugares de paso). This are places I come across as I walk around this world around where I find situations that catches my attention and that I find interesting to capture with the camera I have at that moment. Right now I travel with a Leica M9 most of the time. I also have a Fuji X100 for everyday shooting, specially easy camera to walk around when you have children and you need to have a light AF camera that is not as delicate as the M9.

«On assignment» will show photography shootings I did for magazines or other clients, at corporate events or even at a weddings. Usually I use my Canon 5D MakII or Leica M9. Sometimes I also used a Leica X1 or Fuji X100 wich can be very useful sometimes. And, not to forget, iPhone 4 is a good companion when it comes to send a photo right away to a client for Twitter or Facebook posts!

«Your favorite» will be a section where I ask a photographer to choose his/her favorite among his/her archive and comment about it.

«Guest photographer» will be a section where I will asked them a few questions to know a bit more about him/her and show some of his best photographs.

On «Articles» I will sometimes write about cameras and gear, from amateur to pro cameras. Just a few thoughts but not long reviews about technical issues since there are already many others already doing so. I have been asked many times by friends who would like to buy a camera and I advice them depending on their budget, interest and knowledge in photography.

And last, why «El retratista | The portraitist» as the name of my new blog? Well, I am often recognized to be a good portraitist although I shoot reportage also. I am flexible depending on the needs of my clients and many of them have called me again just for my portraits.

I am also updating my website http://dansanphoto.com and other sites to put them all into WordPress. Stay tuned!

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