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  • Christmas time is here

  • Christmas time is here, originally uploaded by dansanphoto.Las navidades están al caer y los centros comerciales decoran de blanco los espacios comunes.Christmas time is here and shopping malls get decorate in white common spaces.©
  • Doña Manolita lottery

  • Doña Manolita lottery, originally uploaded by dansanphoto.Before christmas arrives, masses of people queue at Doña Manolita lottery in Gran Vía, Madrid.Leica M9 + Summicron III iso 1250© Daniel Sánchez Alonso |
  • photographer Craig Semetko with Leica M9

  • [vimeo w=650&h=366]Portrait Craig Semetko from Adenauer Film on Vimeo.This Film is an artistportrait about the photographer Craig Semetko. It shows his way of making art. The film shows three days of making pictures in cologne, 1. Acension to Virginit[...]